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Wakkatoa is a Spanish brand developed during the COVID19 lockdown as a way of celebrating life and inspire and encourage you to go out, travel, explore,  and have fun.

Wakkatoa Is a brand that you want to be identified with, that makes you dream and gives you a new colorful way of seeing life. 



People are looking for new adventures and are always ready to face the new challenges that life puts before them. At Wakkatoa we design products for people who enjoy adventure and want to live intense emotions. We want that, every time you wear a Wakkatoa design, you feel ready to conquer the world, free to choose what you like best and without fear of expressing your identity.

Our products are unique and different and are made with materials of the best quality. 

Wakkatoa is inspired by different ethnic cultures and lifestyles around the world that despite all difficulties they face life with a smile (Hawaiian, Australian, African…). Their attitude shapes the design of all our products, creating collections for urban authentic people, who never give up and who value relaxed environments such as surfing, climbing or skateboarding.

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Our products are design in Spain inspired by ethnic cultures around the world and produced by one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, Printful, which ensures high quality in all their products.

Dive into the WAKKATOA lifestyle and discover our collection of T-shirts, hoodiesSweatshirts, swimsuitsskirtsdressesjacketscaps, and backpacks.


In WAKKATOA we have a wide selection of clothing and accessories in Urban Streetwear and Surf & Skate wear, that will give your look a casual, informal and comfortable touch.

In Wakkatoa we support and identify with urban trends, so we bet on an Urban Streetwear style with, TeeshoodiesSweatshirts... A unique selection of trends are waiting for you in our catalog.

We want you to feel comfortable with a style of urban clothing that suits your needs and your personality. For this we offer a range of skate and surf wear very original with spectacular color combinations based on Ethnic designs, in all our categories such as TeeshoodiesSweatshirtsswimsuits...

Visit our casual urban fashion section for men and women and for the youngest ones, as well as our accessories: capsbackpacks... or Footwear. Go meet your friends and family with a colorful touch but without losing your bold and carefree style.

Discover the complete catalog, we have a huge variety of products with original and artistic designs that adapt to each style, according to what you like more or with what you feel most identified. Achieve the perfect and carefree look, and do not go unnoticed with our cool and daring outfits, a mix of different styles, both in color and in form, suitable for any day of the week.


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