World's Top 10 Roads to do Downhill Skateboard

Are you a little crazy and want a more extreme adventure! – More speed, more slopes, danger and risks? Do you want to get the adrenaline really pumping!

Downhill Longboarding is loved as a sport by many, if you are one of them then just grab your longboard and get ready to stake.

There are numerous places which are well known for longboarding, and we want to give you more visibility in case you don’t know them.

The following are the top fifteen most awesome places for lovers of longboard sport. Fix the place and make a trip with your friends then enjoy your life to the ultimate!

Downhill Longboarding Skateboarding


  1. Tianmen Mountain Road - China

Tianmen mountain road is also known as "the heavenly avenue" and if there was ever a road that could take you to heaven, it would be this one. What skater doesn't want a good challenge? It’s 99 hairpins and long roads that will make you get high speeds are what every longboard lover dreams with.


  1. Titan's Path - Norway

If you are a fan of hairpins, there's a road in Norway that has about 30 of them all one after the other with no time to think. If you are up for the challenge take a cruise on Titan's Path, an awesome road with amazing views that will blow your mind. Just make sure to go there on summer days to avoid bad weather, ice or snow.



  1. Trollstigen a.k.a "The Troll Ladder" - Norway

Norway appears to be abundant in roads with a lot of Hairpins, the next one after Titan’s Path is the Troll Ladder (I know another one with a mythological name). As one of the top tourist road destinations, it may be a challenge to find a time when you’re not sharing the road with cars, which makes it extremely risky (not to mention again the weather conditions). Apart from the awesome view, this road offers more than just a crazy ride.


  1. Stelvio Pass - Italy

Located in the eastern part of Italy bordering Switzerland, Stelvio Pass is the second highest paved mountain pass in the Alps with amazing roads and Hairpings that you will love to skateboard in.



  1. Col de Braus - France

With beautiful views of the countryside of France, this road is well known for its amazing hairpings and dangerous ride. You will feel in the top of the world while longboarding along this long road, but be careful as it usually has a lot of traffic.



  1. Grimsel Pass - Switzerland

Crossing through the Alps, there's a road called Grimsel pass that's been used for centuries- since the Roman times. It is the only direct route between the cantons of Bern and Valais and also crosses the Continental Divide between the North Sea and the Mediterranean. 

As happens with the Norwegian roads, there's only a few short months in the year that it's not covered in snow. 



  1. Col De Turini - France

Col de Turini has more than 10km of smooth pavement and amazing hairpin turns that will be the delight of every downhill skater. Add to this the road’s steep yet manageable incline, and you’ve got a road where there is no real limit to the speeds you can reach if you’ve got the desire to go fast.

If you are an adrenaline junky that can also appreciate the pleasure of beautiful surroundings, the Col de Turini is a must-visit, but be careful as it has also a lot of car lovers enjoying the ride also.


  1. Col de Nivolet - Italy

In the heart of Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso, lies one of the most beautiful road options on our list. 

The Col de Nivolet in Italy is not quite as intense as Stelvio Pass, however this road still deserves to be considered. The best part is that the road isn't highly trafficked, making this spot highly worth the trip. 



  1. Cuesta de Lipan, Argentina

Cuesta de Lipan is the only place in this list in South America but you wont regret visiting it. This longboard area is elevated from 1000 to 3500 meters, is around 11 km long and possesses more than 15 hairpins at the average inclination of 10 %. This area is constructed properly and also have appropriate weather conditions with good air to breathe, so passionate Longboarders mostly visit this destination.


  1. The Transfăgărășan, Romania

With 2,034 meters, Transfăgărășan is the second highest mountain pass in Romania with numerous hairpin turns, winding S-curves, and adrenaline-pumping slopes.

You need to go on sumer / spring time due to the snow and the ice in winter time but I guarantee you will enjoy it. Thanks to the road’s length and endless hairpings a longboard rider could spend a lifetime enjoying this beautiful road.



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