The Ultimate Extreme Bucket List, things you need to do before you die.

  1. Swim with Sharks in a Cage. A classic that you need to accomplish at least once in a lifetime.
    • Western Cape, South Africa
    • Oahu, Hawaii
    • Isla Guadalupe, Mexico
    • Port Lincoln, Australia
    • Belize
  2. Swim with giant Crocodiles. Probably not as well known as the previous point but not less scary.
  3. Walk on the Wing of a Plane. Have you ever dream about flying.
  4. Swim at the Edge of a Waterfall. Be at the edge of the waterfall.
    • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
  5. Sail on a Tall Ship as Part of the Training Crew. Are you a fan of the pirate movies? Wouldn’t you want to imitate it in a trip to Antarctica.
  6. Travel Inside a Volcano. Wanna feel closer to center of the world? Feel close to the hot magma?
  7. Plunge off the Highest Bungee Jump in the World. Afraid of heights? What about this jump?
  8. Complete the Huashan Cliffwalk. Nothing like this in the world. A walk where you may not want to look down….
    • China
  9. Be a Hollywood Stuntman. Would you want to be like John Wick? Imitate an scene from mission impossible or fight llke Jason Bourne? This is your place.
    • Los Angeles, USA
  10. Learn to Ride a bull. You don’t need more explanation.
  11. Endure a 5000km journey across India’s roads in a rickshaw – India. Have you heard about the motorbike trips around india? What if you did it in a rickshaw?
  12.  If you are afraid of heights you may not want to try this one…
  13. Go Volcano Boarding. Do you like snowboarding? And volcanoes? What about the 2 togheter?
    • Nicaragua
  14. Show us your Sandboarding Skills. What is instead of snowboarding or Volcano Boarding you do it on the desert?
    • Dubai
  15. Zipline at high Speeds. Do you like the feeling of speed?
    • World’s Fastest Zip Line - Sun City, South Africa
    • Gravity Canyon, New Zealand
  16. Take an Icy Dive Beneath the ice. There is nothing better for your skin than the cold water, so, do you fancy a bath in cold waters?
    • Arctic Circle, Russia
  17. Cross the Sahara Desert On a Camel. Like Laurence of Arabia, feel the intense hot of the dessert while riding a camel through the biggest dessert on earth.
  18. Tropical Tree Climbing. Not something you hear everyday but something you may want to try, as the view up there is amazing.
    • Amazon, Brazil
  19. Run with Bulls. If you ever have the chance and feel brave enough, get in the road and run a few meters beside this marvelous beasts in the streets of Navarra.
    • Pamplona, Spain
  20. Go Through the Snow on a Sled Pulled by Huskies. The white scenery is something you wont forget.
    • Lapland (Norway, Sweden or Finland)
  21. Be a Pilot. Are you one of those who want to feel the unforgettable thrill of taking the control of a plane?
  22. Fire an Automatic Machine Gun from a Doors-Off Chopper. Guns and a Chopper, what else you need?
  23. Drive Race Cars. Are you a petrol head? Do you want to feel the speed on your hands? There are multiple types of cars and places to chose from.
  1. First step Run a marathon, second step, try to run the great 6 marathons.
    • Boston
    • London
    • Berlin
    • Chicago
    • Nueva York
    • Tokio
  1. Finish an Iron Man. The most challenging and physical race in the world. -
  2. Sail Through the Skies on a Hang Glider. Feel the breeze of the cold air while enjoying the scenary.
  3. Take a Wingsuit Flight, isn’t that enough?
    • Walenstadt, The Hinterrugg or The Eiger, Switzerland
    • Carl's Huge Wall or Stryn, Norway
    • Tianmenshan, China
    • Milford Sound, New Zealand.
  4. Take a Base Jump in the most extreme places in the world. Again, nothing more to explain…
    • The Troll Wall or Kjerag Norway.
    • Navagio Beach, Zakynthos Island, Greece.
    • Yosemite National Park, California, USA.
    • The Dolomites, Italy
    • Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE
    • Angel Falls, Venezuela
  5. Climb one of the most complex walls across the different continents. If you manage to get up there, you will enjoy awesome views that you won’t forget.
    • South Peak of Mount Hua (Huayin, China)
    • Yosemite National Park, USA
    • Kalymnos, Greece
    • Dolomites, Italy
    • Squamish, Canada
    • Zermatt, Switzerland
  6. Cliff Dive in the deepest part of the ocean and swim with the most amazing and colorful animals.
    • Cenote (Yaxunah, Mexico)
    • Wolfgangsee, Austria
    • Furore Bridge, Italy
    • Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
    • The Azure Window, Malta
    • Geoje Island, South Korea
    • Lake Voiliagmeni, Greece
  7. Surf one of the biggest waves in the world. You may need to surf first, but if you know this are the dream places for all professional and amateurs surfers.
    • Pipeline Oahu, Hawaii
    • Teahupo, Tahiti
    • Supertubes, South Africa
    • Uluwaty, Bali
    • Puerto Escondido, Mexico

(see more in our Best Places to Surf Blog)

  1. Kayak in the most amazing scenarios.
    • Waterfall Washtucna, Royal Gorge, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Park, USA.
    • Kayak Antarctic glaciers
    • Tlapacoyan, Mexico
    • Nilo Blanco, Uganda
    • Cataratas Victoria, Zambeze
    • Blue River.Greenland
    • Soča River, Slovenia
    • Geirangerfjorden, Norway
  2. Free Dive into the open sea. Do you need an adrenaline shot?
    • Clarence Town, Bahamas
    • Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas
    • Great Blue Hole, Belize.
    • Red Sea
    • USS Kittiwake, Grand Cayman
    • M/S Zenobia, Cyprus
  3. Skydive at the best scenery around the planet.
    • Everest (Sagarmatha, Nepal
    • Victoria Falls, South Africa
    • Interlaken, Switzerland
    • Fox Glacier, New Zealand
    • Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates
  4. Ride a Bike in the most awesome scenarios and roads. May not sound as extreme as the ones above but that depends on the roads.
    • Bike the World’s Most Dangerous Road
    • The Friendship Highway, China
    • La Ruta de los Conquistadores, Costa Rica
    • North Sea Cycle Route, Europe
    • The Shimanami Kaido, Japan
    • Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, North America
    • Munda Biddi Trail, Australia
  5. Motorbike Road Trips. If you like the road, here are ones you can’t miss.
    • Khardung La Pass, India
    • Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland
    • The Trolls Ladder, Norway
    • Transfagarasan Highway, Romania
    • Great Ocean Road, Australia
    • The Amalfi Coast, Italy
    • Pacific Coast Highway
    • Ceuta to Marrakesh loop, Morocco
    • Pyrenees Loop, France and Spain
  6. Go Downhill skateboarding in these amazing scenarios
    • Stelvio Pass & Col de Nivolet Italy
    • Titan's Path & The Troll Ladder, Norway
    • Furka and Grimsel Pass, Switzerland
    • Tianmen Mountain Road, China
    • The Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria
  7. Step one, get on top of one of the 14 8km montains, step two, get on top of them all.
  8. Rapel down a 100m waterfall in Cascada Tamul, Mexico.
  9. Backpack around the world through all continents without taking a flight.
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