Hoodies & Sweatshirts, The new trend in Fashion

The fashion industry is unpredictable, you never know what the new trend is going to be. Every year, new garments that we never imagined wearing invade our closets to become essential in our daily looks, whether it is to stay relax at home, to go out or party or to go to the office.

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There are many pieces of clothing and accessories that have moved from the streets to the most important catwalks in the world. However, in recent years there have been two of them that have gained ground and have become the garment most used by all fans of the world of fashion: sneakers and sweatshirts.

And why have these two garments been this revolution if until just a few months ago we associated them only with sport? As we have mentioned before, fashion is unpredictable, and the great annual trends are set by celebrities, bloggers, influencers and designers.

Sweatshirts, hoodies and sneakers began to gain visibility when all rappers, athletes, dancers and urban artists adopted them as the characteristic piece of their lifestyle. Since then, sweatshirts & hoodies have not only been the fascination of celebrities such as Kanye West, Neymar, Maria Pombo or Cristiano Ronaldo, but they have also broken into all the world catwalks.

The conviction that these basics could only be worn when we wanted a sporty image is left behind. Endlessly designers embrace this trend that you will already find in firms such as Zara, Mango, H&M, Uniqlo or Nike. In addition, new fashion brands created by entrepreneurs such as Blue Banana have focused their business on these garments, breaking sales records year after year.

In this blog we are going to focus on sweatshirts and hoodies, their types and the best moments to wear them.



Today there are so many types of hoodies that it is quite difficult to choose between all of them. However, below, we will discover all the hoodies and sweatshirts that you will find in the market and how to choose each of them depending on the style you are looking for:

By Lenght

They can be long, wide, fitted or cropped.

Wide sweatshirts are characterized by being oversize and are currently the most sought after by fashionistas, as they achieve that loose effect that you can wear with any type of pants or long skirt.

As for tight sweatshirts and crop sweatshirts, they provide a much more youthful style to any look and you can combine them with any type of high-waisted pants or even with mini skirts.

As for long sweatshirts, they have become fashionable to be worn as a dress with boots and a bag.

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By material or print

Most of the sweatshirts that you will find in the market are made of fleece, the material with which tracksuits or any sports equipment are made.

However, if you are looking for a different and original look with a sweatshirt, we recommend wool sweatshirts, and for a more modern and urban style, neoprene sweatshirts.

By neck form

Depending on the collar, you will find sweatshirts with and without hood, with a round neck and even a V-neck. Closed or open sweatshirts with zip closure.

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Relax Look

There is no better garment to be quietly at home listening to music, teleworking, playing the console or watching TV than a sweatshirt. What else can be said, we all use them to be comfortable in our homes.

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Sportive Look

Last but not least, the look for which they were originally created, to play sports. Whether with shorts or tights, the sweatshirt has no better use than to help us not get cold before or after doing any type of physical activity, like going to the gym or go surfing.


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Casual Look

Less is more. Add to your black sweatshirt and jeans, a long black cloth coat and a crossbody bag, and your look will immediately become flattering.

If you want to include sweatshirts in your day-to-day outfits, we recommend that you choose a complete look with wide sweatshirts or crop tops and matching sweatpants. You can combine it with sneakers and long cloth coats to give it contrast.

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Smart Look

If you want to include this garment in your outfits to be comfortable and trendy at the office, we recommend combining it with blazers, long satin skirts and trench coats.

The favorite look of the girls who understand fashion the most If we have to choose the favorite autumn look of influencers and models,

  • The eternal long trench coat, pleated or palazzo pants or a sweatshirt with jeans and a jacket.
  • If you want to be the center of attention, combine any basic wide sweatshirt with black tights and high boots.
  • Sweatshirt plus blazer: the winning formula will be the combination that we will see the most times on the streets (and on social networks).


Sudaderas Work Smart Elegantes Moda


Party Look

Party and hoodies? No one would have ever imagined wearing a Hoodie or sweatshirt to party or to a dinner, however, this is history. If you are looking for a more provocative style, we recommend that you combine your sweatshirt with mini skirts, lingerie dresses and leather jackets. We assure you that you will be able to transform any basic bet into an authentic unstoppable look.

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